Speaker: Araceli Treu Gomes

Araceli has enjoyed a 15-year career in Information Security, advancing security technologies and programs across the organizational continuum in financial services, defense and aerospace, telecommunications, and other Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources (CIKR) arenas. She currently serves as a cybersecurity strategist and subject matter expert for Verizon, providing strategic security expertise to leadership teams within the Verizon constituency, and counseling global security organizations on best practices in the prevention of advanced attacks and data theft.

Araceli has held a range of technical and leadership positions prior to joining Verizon, as Strategic Security Advisor for a Fortune 100 software company, Platform Engineering Director at a fortune 500 defense contractor, Deputy Chief Security Officer for a multinational financial services and payment card processing organization, and Chief Security and Privacy Officer at a market-leading content delivery network. Her security career began in Internet security architecture where she designed early-adoption DDoS, extrusion prevention, and network forensics solutions for Internet backbone and peering providers.