Speak at our Meetings

Presentation Guidelines and Information for Monthly Chapter Meetings

South Florida ISSA Chapter requests all presenters follow the guidelines below when preparing and delivering presentations during monthly meetings.


The South Florida ISSA Chapter monthly meeting typically draws 25 to 50 information security professionals from the greater South Florida region.  Members are of varying career and experience levels.  As such, please remember the following while preparing and presenting:

  • All presentations should be technical and educational in nature and directed to a security subject (CBK), as noted below.
  • All presentations should last no more than 30 minutes excluding a brief question and answer session afterwards.  The presentation should be interactive in nature, and general Q&A is available after the talk.
  • Presentations can include, if necessary and as appropriate, demonstrations (interactive or scripted) within the allotted presentation timeframe.
  • All presentations should relate to the ten domains of the (ISC)2 CBK.
  • Provide a presentation title, abstract, and speaker bio to programs@sfissa.org at least four weeks prior.
  • Provide a softcopy (PDF or PowerPoint) of the presentation to programs@sfissa.org the day of the talk, unless the presenter restricts the reuse or posting of the presentation on the Chapter website.  Permission to post presentation materials on the chapter website is assumed unless specifically denied in writing.
  • The chapter will provide a well-equipped room including LCD projector and computer with typical software.
  • The chapter does not have a Guest Speaking Budget, as such, all presentations, including any travel expenses incurred, are the responsibility of the guest speaker.
  • All presenters must reaffirm their scheduled presentation seventy-two (72) hours prior.  This can be accomplished via an email message to programs@sfissa.org.  This reaffirmation is essential in order to have a last minute substitute scheduled.

Additional Guidelines for Information Security Vendors

In addition to the guidelines above, information security product vendors who are interested in presenting educational topics aligned to the solution that their product provides are asked to:

  • Sponsor the chapter as detailed on our Become a SFISSA Sponsor page.  Please contact programs@sfissa.org for more details.
  • Attendees, including technical and management staff, have requested that vendors do not send sales staff as presenters.  The chapter prefers subject matter experts.

The chapter Program Director is responsible for defining and managing the annual calendar of meeting topics.  Please contact