About Us

The South Florida chapter of the Information System Security Association (ISSA) stands as a cornerstone within the global ISSA community, celebrated for its prominence and esteemed reputation.

Since its inception in 1998, the South Florida ISSA has consistently organized Security Conferences every two years. These events have featured keynote speeches from illustrious figures such as Orson Swindle, former head of the FTC, alongside other notable experts from leading corporations and academic institutions.

With a dynamic involvement in the InfoSec realm, South Florida ISSA engages a diverse audience ranging from managers to technical specialists, addressing a wide spectrum of InfoSec subjects. This engagement extends through their monthly meetings and various specialized events.

A highlight of our calendar is the Hack the Flag Challenge, which takes place annually in September. This event is acclaimed throughout Florida as a top-tier collaborative learning opportunity within the industry.

Furthermore, South Florida ISSA takes pride in being the professional sanctuary for numerous ISSA Senior Members, including the distinguished ISSA Fellow William A. Cellich, underscoring its significant contribution to the community and the field at large.

2024 Board of Directors