Speaker: Lance James

Lance James is an internationally renowned information security specialist. He has more than fifteen years of experience in programming, network security, digital forensics, malware research, cryptography design, cryptanalysis, and attacking protocols. He has provided advisory services to a wide range of government agencies and Fortune 500 organizations, including America’s top financial services institutions. Credited with the identification of Zeus and other malware, James is an active contributor to the betterment of security practices and counter-threat methods through active membership in a wide range of organizations.

Most recently, as a founding force behind the CryptoLocker Working Group, he and his team of researchers were acknowledged for their critical role in disrupting CryptoLocker as part of an FBI-led takedown operation. He has contributed to a number of industry books and publications, including Phishing Exposed (Syngress, 2005), Emerging Threat Analysis (Syngress, 2006), and Reverse Deception (McGraw Hill Professional, 2012). Publications currently in the works include The Threat Intelligence Handbook (No Starch Press) and Hacking Back: Offensive Cyber Counterintelligence (McGraw Hill). Keynote speaking engagements include the SC Congress eSymposium on Cyber Espionage, the First Asia HTCIA Conference (Hong Kong), Digital PhishNet (Germany/San Diego, CA), and SANS Conference (San Diego, CA).

He holds advisory memberships with the NCFTA, the Centre for Strategic Cyberspace + Security Science (CSCSS.org), The Secure Domain Foundation (SDF), and the European Union Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA). Other contributions include founding the InvisibleNet Project (IIP/I2P) and Secure Science Corp, as well as active participation with 2600 and InfraGard chapter. He is also a founding member of the newly formed Cyber Threat Intelligence Alliance (CTIA).