Join Us: Elevating Awareness and Fostering Dialogue on AI Security

As artificial intelligence becomes increasingly integral to critical industries, understanding and safeguarding AI systems has never been more essential. The ISSA South Florida Chapter is deeply committed to enhancing awareness and encouraging dialogue on the pressing challenges and potential solutions in AI security. Our mission is to proactively tackle these risks through informed discussions and collaborative efforts.

Engage with Us: Opportunities for AI Security Experts at ISSA South Florida Chapter

We offer several platforms for thought leaders you to share insights, research, and best practices:

  • Educational Talks: Share your expertise and the latest developments in AI security practices with an engaged audience looking to learn.
  • Insightful Content: Contribute to our array of articles and research papers that delve into the nuances of current AI security trends and innovations.
  • Interactive Workshops and Roundtable Discussions: Lead or participate in dynamic discussions and workshops with other professionals to brainstorm and develop effective security strategies.

These initiatives are tailored to not only enhance the community’s understanding but also to expand your professional network and influence within the field.

How to Participate

We encourage all information security professionals, industry leaders, tech enthusiasts, and academics to become active participants in our community. Your involvement will not only help spread critical knowledge but also shape the future of AI security practices.

đź“© If you’re interested in contributing as a speaker, writer, or workshop leader, please contact us at with the subject line “Engage in AI Security Awareness and Dialogue.” Together, we can drive progress and innovation in AI security.

As a dedicated chapter of the ISSA, we strive to include diverse voices in our initiatives. By focusing on raising awareness and facilitating meaningful dialogue, we aim to empower our community to effectively tackle the challenges posed by AI security.