Our April SFISSA Meeting Was (Heart) “Bleeding Edge”…

jeff_fogel michael_gotham_rsa.jog

Checkpoint and RSA gave members a peek into InfoSec trends and advances in detection capabilities.


We covered a lot of ground about how SFISSA are being recognized across the organization as movers and shakers.


Felipe Tribaldos won a $100 AMEX gift card! (Courtesy of RSA!)

Felipe works for Cloudflare…and we are anxiously waiting for confirmation that they will be sponsors for the MAY meeting!

(How’s THAT for timely!?)

We also reviewed our plans to serve as facilitators for Business, Universities and Students to come together in a collaborative effort.

We are getting a committee together that will ask businesses to sponsor 10 CS major students, who are interested in InfoSec careers, at various Universities throughout South Florida.

If you are interested on being on the committee, please contact William@sfissa.org for more information.