September 2015 SFISSA Meeting – Thursday, September 17th, 6pm at Nova Southeastern University

South Florida’s July 2015 meeting will be on Thursday, September 17th, 2015 at Nova Southeastern University. The meeting will take place in the Carl DeSantis Building from 6PM to 9:30PM, followed by their usual networking hour.

Presentation One

Assess, Harden, Monitor, Fail. Repeat.

Freddy Kasprzykowski

Network security monitoring is an essential part of any security operations. The SIEM (and the SOC) play(s) a central role to facilitate threat detection and incident response. The presentation will focus on Threat Detection concepts and one example of an effective monitoring architecture. Real life examples will be provided and 50% of the presentation will be technical requiring basic knowledge of TCP/IP and security device (firewall, IPS, forward proxy etc) features and functions.

Freddy has a B.Sc. Electronics Engineering with a M.S. in Computer Sciences and has been working in the security field for about 10 years. Currently works as Security Architect responsible for a multi-tenant SIEM deployment focusing on Threat Detection and Incident Response. Blogs at and works for Vijilan Security LLC.

Presentation Two

Cybersecurity risks and controls around Cloud environments

Rob Babb

Virtualization, and by extension Cloud Computing, have created amazing benefits for IT in the forms of increased agility and efficiency with a decrease in spending on physical infrastructure, power, & cooling. With these great operational benefits also comes a new concentration of risk by the addition of the Hypervisor and all of the corresponding tools for management and automation. During this discussion we will examine the typical IT journey towards Cloud Computing and map back how the existing security & compliance controls available in the industry today may or may not provide adequate compensating controls for that risk. Finally we will discuss the gaps in those control sets and how an IT organization can work to augment their existing controls to fill in the gaps and once again provide a secure and compliant IT infrastructure.

Rob Babb is a Principal Systems Engineer with HyTrust, a Cloud security & compliance company. Rob has lived in Atlanta since 1999 and has a BS in Computer Engineering from Georgia Tech. Rob started his career at CipherTrust, an email security company, and then moved to Internet Security Systems (ISS). At ISS, he rose through the ranks from Technical Support, to QA & Engineering, and then finally to Sales Engineering. His experience at ISS held a central theme of using virtualization in each of those roles. That experience led him to VMware in 2008. During his 6 year tenure at VMware he held positions in the pre-sales engineering team serving customers in the southeast and most of the eastern US. Much of that tenure was focused as a Security Specialist for the VMware field sales teams and large enterprise customers and the intent was to provide expertise on securing the entire Cloud stack.

As a Security Specialist in virtualization and cloud technology, Rob’s core role is to help companies understand the changing dynamic of the threat model to their IT infrastructure systems.

Venue and Map

Nova Southeastern University – Carl DeSantis Building
3301 College Avenue
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33314
Phone: 800-541-6682