SFISSA 2015 Officers, Conference, and Holiday Party

Congratulations to the elected 2015 Officers and Board of Directors! This is going to be an amazing year ahead and South Florida ISSA will be truly off the charts!

Jordan Ilan Lombard – President
Jorge Antonio Orchilles – Vice President
Michael Brown – Secretary
Jenn Aguinaga – Treasurer

Board of Directors:
Daniel Polimeni – Director of Communication
Andrew Indelicato – Director of Membership
MiKe McDonough – Director of Social Media
Jon Scheidell – Director of Program
Norman Huszar – Director of Vendor Relations
Tim Krabec- Director at Large
Gregory Hanis – Director at Large
William Cellich – Past President

A special thanks to John Pool, who will be our Industry Representative on the Board, who will support the Program Director and Vendor Relations Director.

In addition, many thanks to our newly formed Conference Committee:
Teresa Toscano – Conference Committee Lead
Michael Anderson
Erich Beyer
Carlos Longa

Our Conference will be held at the Signature Grand on Friday, March 20, 2015 and registration details will be up shortly…stay tuned!

Last, please join us in welcoming our new Board at our annual Holiday Party, Thursday, December 18, 2014 at our regular venue – D&B’s!