SFISSA November Monthly Meeting

It’s Election Time!

Our next meeting is Thursday, November 21, 2013.

We will be having our annual elections for Board Positions at this meeting, per our Bylaws.


If you would like to be considered to be nominated for a position on the Board of Directors for SFISSA, please email admin@sfissa.org for details.


The November meeting will be held at the Office Depot Headquarters complex in Boca Raton, from 5:30pm to 7:30pm. We will most likely be at Miller’s Ale House for our usual networking event.


 As always, this meeting will be FREE and provide you with 2 CPE credits;

Next Generation Threat Protection Against Advance Malware, Zero Day Attacks, and Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs)

Ric Rojas, a CISSP from FireEye with over 15 years in the security industry, and experience in malware forensics and intrusion prevention technologies will discuss how a near real time signature less security model provides the extra line of defense required  to fight advanced malware, zero-day attacks and targeted APT attacks, thereby closing the IT security gap that exists in most enterprises today.

The threat landscape has changed. Cybercriminals and nation-states have quickly outpaced older, signature-based technologies. That’s why, despite over $20B spent annually on IT security1, over 95% of companies2 harbor advanced malware within their network.Enterprises must reinforce traditional defenses with next generation threat protection security that detects and blocks these sophisticated, zero day attacks.

Ric Rojas will discuss how a signature less model can recognize advanced malware entering through web, email and file shares. This approach also thwarts attempts by malware to call back to command and control centers. He will also explain how the FireEye technology performs multi-flow analysis to understand the full context of a cyber attack. He will show how stateful attack analysis is critical to trigger analysis of the entire attack life cycle, from initial exploit to data exfiltration. Then he will perform a demonstration revealing the attack life cycle of these blended threats. The demonstration will also show  the FireEye Malware Protection System detection  capabilities of advanced malware and zero day attacks  with detailed indicators of compromise, and alert analysis of advanced malware and zero day attacks.

In the end the audience will understand how this extra signature less defense is designed specifically to fight the unknown threats, such as zero-day and targeted APT attacks, thereby closing the IT security gap that exists in all enterprises.

Office Depot Headquarters 6600 N Military Trail, Boca Raton, FL 33496