Spotlight on Success: South Florida ISSA Chapter Featured in International Journal

We’re excited to share that our South Florida ISSA chapter has been featured in the ISSA international organization’s journal, highlighting our dedicated efforts in building a resilient information security community. The article appears on page 30 and offers an in-depth look at our dynamic chapter activities and our commitment to enhancing information security in the South Florida area.

This feature is not just a testament to our hard work and achievements; it’s also a valuable resource available exclusively to ISSA members through the organization’s journal. As our website blog is accessible to all our subscribers, we wanted to give you a glimpse of the kind of in-depth content and community insights that membership offers.

For those who are not yet members but are keen on information security and looking to deepen your engagement with the infosec community, consider this an invitation to join us. Membership not only provides access to this journal but also to a series of enriching events, educational resources, and a network of professionals that can significantly enhance your knowledge and career in information security.

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