Building Bridges; Official Cybersecurity Summit, Miami

On a sunlit Friday, March 22, 2024, the South Florida Information System Security Association (SFISSA) set up at the much-anticipated Cyber Security Summit in Miami. We had an inclusive presence with several board members present, including Mike McDonough, Director of Social Media; Daniel Polimeni, Vice President; Norman Huszar, Director of Vendor Relations; Brent Putnam, Director of Membership; and Yosi Attias, President, as well as our amazing volunteers. Paige Arnold and Melissa Hill, two spirited volunteers from St. Thomas University, embodied the very essence of our mission: to weave the fabric of our local information security community tighter through enriching networking and educational opportunities.

As the day unfolded, our booth became a bustling hub of activity. We found ourselves in the midst of endless conversations with practitioners, aspiring professionals, and partners, all united by a common vision for a fortified cybersecurity landscape in Florida. The connections made were not just professional but personal, echoing our belief in the power of community.

Our chapter President, Yosi Attias, took to the stage to lead a panel discussion alongside Paul Kelly, Scott Dowsett, Jake Hornreich, and a very special guest William Mendez – Former Chief Information Security Officer of the City of Miami. The panel delved deep into the nuances of cybersecurity readiness. Their dialogue wasn’t just informative but insightful, drawing on personal experiences and wisdom, leaving us all with food for thought and actionable insights.

We owe a heartfelt thank you to Bradford Rand, the visionary founder of the conference; Chase McGahan, Megan Hutton, and the rest of the CyberRisk Alliance team. Their meticulous planning and support not only made this event possible but also unforgettable. Their dedication to fostering a seamless and engaging experience was remarkable, for which we are deeply grateful.

The feedback we received was overwhelmingly positive, reaffirming our commitment to delivering value through tailored in-person meetings and networking opportunities. It’s clear that our strategy resonates, offering a meaningful and engaging way for our community to connect and grow.

As we reflect on an action-filled day, we are reminded of the strength found in community and the boundless opportunities that emanate when we come together. We invite you, our fellow infosec practitioners, to join us in this journey of learning, sharing, and building a resilient community.