March SFISSA Meeting (FIU) 3/16

SFISSA’s February meeting will be on Thursday, March 16th, 2017 at Florida International University, Miami. The meeting will take place in the Graham Center from 6PM to 9:30PM, followed by their usual networking hour.

Presentation One

Hey Employees – Stop clicking on every email you get! – Ways to create a culture of security awareness in your organization

This presentation will provide valuable information on how to reduce organizational risk by implementing a quality security awareness training program.
Presentation Speaker & Bio
Michael Levin

How do you expect to develop a security plan without employee buy in? How can you make employees accountable for security if you don’t educate them? Without employee buy in and participation your security plan will be a failure! Many organizations have missed this vital security requirement. New software and hardware solutions will not protect your organization if your employees are clicking on every email, link and attachment they get!

With the increase of cybercrime and data thefts, the implementation of security awareness training programs for businesses of all sizes is now a requirement to protect business assets and reduce risk. Recent research studies suggest that approximately 75% of security-related incidents occur because of employee behavior. This presentation will provide valuable information on how to reduce organizational risk by implementing a quality security awareness training program. Ways to provide relevant and current information will be presented to help involve employee participation and confidence in your company security program and best practices. We will discuss employee collaboration and tools to create a better sense of community at work and reduce risk.

Presentation Two

Protecting iOS and Android Devices from Advanced Threats

You already know that cybercrime and espionage are on the rise, and that security breaches can cripple your organization and damage your brand and reputation. What you may not realize is that standard security solutions are not strong enough for mobile devices and apps in the workplace.

Using smartphones and tablets to access critical business information on the go has many benefits, but it can also expose your sensitive data to risk. Check Point’s iOS and Android security threat prevention protects your devices from advanced mobile threats, ensuring you can deploy and defend devices with confidence.

Alex Saija is currently Security Engineer at Check Point Software. He is an experienced professional with over 10 years of IT experience, which the last 4 years have been focused in the security field serving clients in both the public and private sectors. Mr. Saija lead customer engagements to include architectural discussions and implementation of IT security projects. In his spare time, Mr. Saija enjoys scuba diving, fishing and spending time kayaking in the everglades.


Venue and Map

Florida International University
FIU Graham Center Room GC 243
11200 SW 8th St, Miami, FL 33199

Directions to the Graham Center
Graham Center Directions PDF

Please pre-register for parking at and park at the FIU Gold Garage (Google Map link below).