February 2023 Meeting – Lynn University, Boca Raton

SFISSA’s February meeting will be on Thursday, February 16th, 2023 at Lynn university in Boca Raton. The meeting will take place from 6PM to 8PM, followed by our usual networking hour.

Speaker: David Smith

Company: Radware

Title: Crisis and Escalation of the Threat Landscape


In 2022, the threat landscape rapidly evolved, causing alarm among countries worldwide. They called for increased vigilance and cooperation as tensions between major powers led to more cyberattacks. As 2023 begins, the effects of the crisis in Eastern Europe on a global level are just starting to be seen as influential and patriotic hacktivists gain prominence. De-escalation seems unlikely, leaving many uncertain about the internet’s future.

Speaker bio:

Daniel is the Head of Research for Radware’s Threat Intelligence division. He helps produce actionable intelligence to protect against botnet-related threats by working behind the scenes to identify network and application-based vulnerabilities. Daniel brings over ten years of experience to the Radware Threat Intelligence division. Before joining, Daniel was a member of Radware’s Emergency Response Team (ERT-SOC), where he applied his unique expertise and intimate knowledge of threat actors’ tactics, techniques, and procedures to help develop signatures and mitigate attacks proactively for customers.

We are very excited to see you all.

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